Tips to becoming Instagram King

If you have an Instagram account but don’t know how to handle it. Do not worry! you are on the right platform. Here we give some tips which make you an Instagram expert.

Tips to became Instagram king

Yes, you read it right. Because today you will discover how to increase the engagement of the community with your brand, position it, increase its notoriety, and differentiate it from the competition. All this, using this social network. You will see it!

Tips that will catapult you to success on Instagram

If you don’t believe in the power of visual content, you still have time to recant. By putting these tips into practice, you can establish yourself as the king of Instagram. Prepare the crown!

Tip # 1: Set up an optimized profile

As in any social network, you need to have a profile that identifies your brand and makes it unique. It is important that you include: an image with your Branding, a brief but effective bio that synthesizes what your insta company id as well as the values that inspire it. Also, don’t forget to include the link to your website and the most representative hashtags of your business.

If you want to know how to build an effective profile, we invite you to take a look at the Starbucks account. The brand does not present itself as a company dedicated to the sale of coffee but rather defines what values inspire it. And those ideas are what he transfers to each of his contents.

Tip # 2: Share varied and interesting content

Do you want to know what is the essential rule on Instagram? The real star in this social network is the images and the videos. The text goes into the background. Those that accompany the image should be brief: the ideal is that it does not exceed 140 characters.

Remember that the communicational tone used on Instagram is playful and fun. Shared content is creative, humorous, and visually appealing. It is important that you know your community in depth to know what type of content may be more useful and interesting.

It is seen that Mcdonald’s knows very well what his followers may like. Here you can see how he presents his products in an entertaining way.

But…. What content can work on Instagram? Here are some ideas:

Videos (Instagram allows you to post videos of up to 15 seconds long).

Different ways of using your product.

Famous phrases or tips.

Behind the scenes of your company.


Image collages (to create them you can use tools like Pic Stitch, InstaCollage, or InstaPicFrame ).




Tip # 3: Use the power of hashtags

This is one of the social networks in which the use of hashtags is practically an obligation. Using them will allow you to increase your notoriety regarding concepts or themes related to your niche. Yes! It is better not to sin too much, try to limit their number to 3. If you use too many, your followers will think that your images are spam.

At the same time, it will allow you to develop contests to increase engagement with your community. What’s more, do you dare to create your own hashtag? Some brands have done it so that their followers can participate in their contests

We recommend that when using hashtags you include:

  • Your city or country (#BuenosAires, #NewYork, # México).
  • Your products, services or niche in the market (#Makeup, #Zapatos, #Hotels)
  • Your industry or specialty (#Marketing, #Travel, #Fitness)

Tip # 4: Make them love your brand

The best way to generate true engagement is by interacting with your followers and getting to know them in-depth. Knowing what interests them and what they need will help you create that indestructible bond with your brand. Also, interacting with your community through questions, “Likes”, mentions and following other users will allow you to connect in an excellent way.

Tip # 5: Empower your strategy with the power of Email Marketing

Did you know that Email Campaigns can help develop your strategy on Instagram? Email is the best opportunity for your subscribers to know your profile on that social network. How? Add a button to your piece with a link to your Instagram account so that your Subscribers can follow you.

I am sure these 5 tips make you an Instagram master as well as increase engagement on your Instagram account. To explore more about the world of social media with amazing tips and tricks do check out other blogs on Mayursk for more.